Keeping children motivated to read


With so many distractions and activities, reading isn’t always as attractive for children as we would all like. Keeping a child motivated to read when there are TV shows, YouTube videos, games and so much else for them to do is definitely a challenge.  When writing children’s books, authors have to balance being entertaining with being informative to make sure that the book retains interest.

At La Sirena, we like to focus on books that children see themselves, their friends or some aspect of their lives in. There are two reasons for this, a relatable story like that makes it much easier for the child to take onboard the ideas in the book.

For instance, a story that talks about how to be a good friend can help a child understand how to build friendships and put that into practice. Making the connection is much easier if they see themselves in the story first.

In addition, a story that a child can relate to, with characters that could be themselves or their friends, is simply more exciting. A story that they can easily see themselves in is one they want to explore, want to see what happens and how it turns out. It keeps the child motivated to finish the book.

Building that connection between the story and the child is key to keeping them motivated to read today, tomorrow and into the future.

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