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A children’s book publisher with a difference, Lasirena Books, focuses on stories that prove a forerunner to access, equity, opportunity, elevating children to aim high in school and embrace diversity in themselves and those around them.

Our range of books includes books for children in elementary school, with positive messaging that encourages caring and nurturing relationships and teaching children about character development.

Our vision is for a world of acceptance, where children can be who they are without worry or prejudice, and that world is the stage of our stories. Our books allow children to read about others similar in personality and the wonderful accepting world we want them to create.

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The Bayside Bunch Go See The Principal!


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As soon as I got my hands on The Bayside Bunch - Go See The Principal!  I knew it needed to be shared! Soon to be featured on Barb’s Book Buddies (YouTube), the message is important and appropriate for MANY grade levels.  The story is focused on what happens when Selwyn takes that long scary walk to the principal’s office, but it includes so much more!  Published by La Sirena Books, The Bayside Bunch - Go See The Principal!  includes humor, adventure, and friendship.  On World Read Aloud Day, I read it to my sixth grade homeroom.  A follow-up discussion included how we make assumptions about others and how unknown situations offer insight and perspective. The bold, animated illustrations add depth to the text and keep the reader engaged.  I can’t wait for more adventures from The Bayside Bunch! 

Barbara F. Sanchez


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